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About Us

Welcome to Happy Pain Cairns

Leave your shit at the door and come here to feel happy.

Are you ready to start enjoying your exercise again? Join us at the local Happy Pain Cairns Yoga and Pilates studios.


Click below to find out what classes and sessions are available at our studios.

Can't Get Enough Happy Pain?

With a Merrymeri Membership you can get Unlimited Access to almost all exercise classes.


Or you can pre-purchase any 10-classes of your choice and save $35!

The Happy Pain Philosophy

Our mission is to make you feel good about doing exercise again. Your relationship with your body and with getting your body to reaching its best potential should be a good one. Even when it’s painful.


Because pain is good – the path to happiness is paved with pain!

Or Visit the Happy Pain Cairns Aerial Yoga, Yoga, Training, Massage and Pilates Studio

1 Pool Close, Woree

QLD 4868, Australia

Tel: 0419 724 496


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