About Happy Pain

I have been struggling with my own physical issues for years, and I've tried almost all the therapies you could think of to try to fix my problems. 

Like many people, I couldn't find one that was a permanent fix. It was frustrating. So, I decided to go out and learn how I could fix my own problems. I decided to become a remedial massage therapist, a Pilates teacher, a yoga teacher...


After all this learning and all the experience I gained, I decided that I wanted to become a one-stop shop to help others!

My interest is the human body, and my passion is for helping others relieve their pain and feel great. I try to inspire others through the values that have helped me. I believe in the inner-strength of persistence and self-motivation. 


So, if you're looking for a coach, motivator, personal trainer and friend, I'm ready to help!

What Happy Pain Offers

  Pilates Private Sessions giving a 1-1 or Semi-Private

Max of 4 people in the group.You will be receiving personalised exercise, developed by Meri according to your information which you submit.

Happypain Aerial Yoga/HIIT Yoga/Yoga/Yin Yoga/Men in tights(Men only yoga)


Pilates/Booty Pilates Class/Pre, Post Natal Pilates(Coming soon)

Ninja Jump(Bungee cord exercise)/Stretch

Remedial Massage/Sports Massage/Dry needling/Reiki 

Access Bars


Additionally, I have strong connections with Physio Therapists, Chiropractors, Nutritionists and Naturopaths if needed.







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