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What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a treatment that involves the insertion of a very thin needle into trigger points or tight muscles of your body. The main purpose is to improve tissue healing and restore muscle function.

Dry needling is known to help with:

How does Dry Needling works!

Frankly just sticking a dry needle into your skin and magically making you feel better. There is some science involved. Needling creates a lesion(on purposely) that starts a process of physiological mechanisms remodeling injured and inflamed soft tissue. 

Overall, what makes needling effective is that it basically encourages your body to fix the injury and reduce the pain by naturally healing itself.These include inhibiting the transmission of pain signals in our spinal cord and increasing the release of our own pain relieving chemicals within our brains. The pain relieving effect of dry needling is gaining strong support in mainstream Western medicine, with public hospital systems now directly funding its use.

What do I feel during Dry Needling session?

Generally, it's just a prickle! 

The local twitch response or sudden slight contraction of the muscle may provoke a very brief pain response. This has been described as an electric shock or a cramping sensation. A therapeutic response occurs with the elicitation of local twitch responses and that is a good and desirable reaction.

During treatment, and depending on the dry needling technique used, patients commonly experience heaviness in the limbs or a pleasant feeling or relaxation. Following this technique some muscle soreness may be felt up to 24-48 hrs. The application of heat or ice depending of the needling site and drinking plenty of fluids usually reduces the soreness.

How will I feel after Dry Needling?
You may be sore right after treatment where Dry Needling was used. This does not always happen, but it is normal. Soreness may begin in a few hours or even the next day. The soreness may be different for each person. It usually feels like you had a hard workout at the gym. Soreness usually lasts 24-48 hours. Bruising from Dry Needling is possible. Some areas are more likely to bruise than others. The shoulders, chest, face and portions of the arms and legs are more likely to bruise than other areas. Large bruising is not common, but can happen. Use ice to help decrease the bruising. If you are worried, please call your provider. It is common to feel tired/fatigued, energized, emotional, giggly or “out of it” after treatment. This is a normal and can last up to an hour or two after treatment. If this lasts more than a day contact your provider as a precaution.
What should I avoid after treatment?
• Avoid exercise or strenuous activity to the muscles that have been dry needled
• Avoid any new physical activities or sports
• Avoid doing more than you would normally do

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