Personal Training

I am a certified personal trainer since 2007. I’m specialized in Rehabilitative and corrective exercise also Functional exercise that only uses your bodyweight...


My ultimate goal is to have my own studio where I can offer the exercises which I truly believe in and love. I am a believer that our body has so much potential to offer, but only if we don’t limit ourselves.


Also, our body has a natural healing system. As I am a Remedial massage therapist I have encountered so many clients who have unkind postural habits that arise from their occupation and lifestyles.


We create our own problems through our unconsciousness. Pilates and Yoga bring us an awareness that lets us know where we are at so that we can then improve our postural habits and lifestyle over time.


What I love about these exercises the most is that I can allow myself to be ME on the pilates/yoga mat. I can be present in the present moment. The mat is where I can fill myself with gratefulness and happiness.

My mission is to help people to unleash their potential, and unlock their limitations. I believe mindset is the most important key for you willingness to CHANGE.

My certifications include...

  • TRX/ ViPR instructor

  • Certs 4 in Personal Training

  • Diploma in Remedial Massage

  • Certs 3 in Sports Trainer

  • Pilates(Floor, Reformer, Small apparatus, Swiss ball, Pre/Post Natal, Remedial)

  • Yoga(200hours, SUP, Aerial, Adolescence, Yin, Yoga shered)

  • Bachelor of Arts Physical Education Major

I also have experience in teaching school students, seniors, and disabled clients.