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Training Studio

Ready to get your body and mind pumped? The Happy Pain Training Studio brings you the kind of personal training and group exercise classes that develop strength and balance – and, of course, happiness!

"I feel safe and well monitored during my sessions under Meri's expert guidance. I am achieving goals!"

Personal Training

Clients at Cairns personal training group fitness class

1-to-1 Personal Training


1 hour

See below for Unlimited packages

Happy Pain’s 1-to-1 Cairns Personal Training is truly a personal experience. We don’t just run you through an exercise routine – we look to discover your body’s natural rhythm and identify anything that’s in the way. Whether it’s occupational habits or unconscious blocks, we’ll design your sessions to deal with your body’s very specific creaks and quirks.


Meri will ensure your personal training is targeted and personalised using her experience as a certified personal trainer since 2007. Her specialities include Rehabilitative exercise and Functional exercise, which utilises your own bodyweight (so you can exercise anywhere!).


The goal is to help you become present in your body and mind and unlock limitations that currently exist to allow you to unleash your greatest potential and, with it, your happiness.


Meri has experience working with students, seniors and disabled clients so absolutely everyone is welcome at Happy Pain!

Meri’s certifications include:

  • TRX / ViPR instructor

  • Certs 4 in Personal Training

  • Diploma in Remedial Massage

  • Certs 3 in Sports Trainer

  • Pilates (Floor, Reformer, Small Apparatus, Swiss Ball, Pre/Post Natal, Remedial)

  • Yoga (200+ hours, SUP, Aerial, Adolescence, Yin, Yoga Shred)

  • Bachelor of Arts Physical Education Major

5 Week Package

5 x Personal Training

1 Hour Sessions

(worth $450)

Merrymeri Membership

Unlimited Class Access

(worth $200)

10 Week Package

10 x Personal Training

1 Hour Sessions

(worth $900)

Merrymeri Membership

Unlimited Class Access

(worth $400)

$110 / week
$500 upfront

$100 / week
$900 upfront

clients at personal training studion in Cairns

Semi-Private Weights Session/Open gym



1 hr

If you’d like some individual attention but not a full 1-on-1 program, then this semi-private personal training Cairns class will give you what you need. The number of participants is strictly limited to 5 so that Meri can make sure you are doing every lift correctly.

30-min Goal Consultation + First 1-hour Program – $50
Additional Program Reviews – $20 / session

The program requires an initial consultation, which is required for us to identify your personal fitness and happiness goals. This is included in the first session cost, and additional sessions following will be at a reduced rate.

Also, an open gym means you can use the gym with your own responsibility with your own program. You are liable for any incidents. I will ask you to sign in the disclaimer form before the session.($10)

Group Training Classes

trx bands at Happy Pain Cairns circuit training class

Happy Pain Circuit Training



1 hr

At Happy Pain, we make circuit training fun! Circuit training is when you combine a set of exercises with short rest periods, repeated in a circuit a number of times. It’s designed to help improve overall muscle endurance and strength and is a great way to get fit without it getting boring!

Happy Pain Cairns Circuit Training uses a combination of weights, ViPR, TRX, BOSU and TRX RIP trainer to give you a unique circuit experience. Come on, let’s go hard and get fit!

trx bands at Happy Pain Cairns circuit training class

Stand-Up Paddleboard Balance Fitness



1 hr

Strengthening your muscles doesn’t have to involve lifting weights. But it certainly can involve a lot of giggles!

The Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Balance Fitness class sees you practicing Yoga and Pilates poses, while balancing on a floating platform. The instability means you must engage your core muscles to maintain your balance, and brings your awareness to your positioning, especially as you transition between poses.

We synchronise our ujjayi (ocean breath) with the natural sounds of the water rippling around us, bringing us in sync with this important element – and thanking it for catching us when we fall!

Please note: This is a seasonal class in Cairns and can be cancelled at short notice due to bad weather. (e.g. Thunder storms) and needs at least 3 people to go ahead.

Please note: this class is not included in the Merrymeri Membership.

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