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The Happy Pain Philosophy

Leave your shit at the door and come here to feel Happy.


Meri started the Happy Pain studio for the simple reason of wanting to make people feel happy. She wanted to create an environment where people could gather, talk freely, and leave feeling light, free and energised.


She went on a journey, training in various healing modalities and practices: Yoga, Pilates, Access Bars, life coaching – her education is always ongoing. As she became more familiar with how the body and mind works, she realised something quite important and almost universal: the path to happiness is often paved in glorious pain.


Meri believes that pain isn’t something to be feared or avoided. In fact, once you have a good relationship with pain, you can unlock deep potential in your body and mind that you might not have even been aware was possible.


That’s the space that Meri has created with Happy Pain. A non-competitive, non-judgemental environment where you can feel free to explore pain in a fun way so you can grow, bond with other humans, and become your best self.

“People gathering, talking shit, and leaving the studio feeling happy. That’s what I want.”

– Meri

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