Birthday month rage!

Tomorrow is Happypain’s 2nd birthday.

Story behind the smile...

My Ex ditched me on the day I opened Happypain, I couldn’t sleep and broken hearted but I OPENED! The open day I had hammock set up, wall sign and myself on the open day...

No carpet, no ceiling, industrial rubbish in the studio, scaffolds were in the studio ... started from minimum. “Great start”!!

Re-located from Ishmael, my partner dislocated shoulder when he was drilling the ceiling for hammock attachments...

I panicked but no time to lose, I start organised my male friends to help me because that is the weekend just before open at Woree pool! BUT this is the thing how you call ? “Mentality“

We made it ! He was in pain but we made it, I was covering with dust and inhaled but we made it! Soon after opened I had family issue that knocked me down to hell, I packed up and got out from house, but hey I am still alive. It was so difficult that moved studio without family’s support, just mentally I was exhausted... that f@cked my mind also my gut.

I felt awful and start self doubt.

You heard my whinging and you saw my tired face and thank you for who was there for me and let me be me....

I had to believe myself and be self-centred to get my shit done.

Now I am back in my game!

F@cking no time for cry and wet my pillow.

Realisation came through.... my beautiful friend died after fought to brain cancer last 4years she was beautiful and has 2 small kids...I promised to her to visit before she became so ill.

I couldn’t make it....

I could not keep my promise... and she is gone. I am regretting and hope she forgive me for my laziness.

I don’t wanna regret anymore so I will be living my life like I die tomorrow. Life is a live show and I am the star!

Let’s celebrate our life at Happypain

Tomorrow 5-7pm

Please bring small plate for share and BYO

Ill be readying nibbles and champagne 🍾

I can’t wait to see you!


Tomorrow 5-7pm!!

Love yourself

Forgive yourself

Forgive others

Forget about negative past

Smile a lot!

Love you all.



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