Busted emotion

We make plans, plan ahead for our future that hoped make our ride easier.

But have you realised that is an actually a manifestation ... please be careful what you wish for.

That picture is my daughter ... does she look like manifest her future ? No, she just live a moment that’s why she looks like an angel! Future plan sometimes make me anxious when it’s not going well as much as I wanted to. I lose focus when I image/plan a (too) big picture .. I may need a new glasses 👓 lol

so I do meditation to ground myself when I start lose my focus and not focusing on my progress , you can’t grow bigger or taller if you don’t have stable foundation.

I can’t grow taller physically anymore but I can stretch my mind and capacity if I know who I am and have a solid root on my feet!

I was so angry at an incident caused by unkind person but who claimed that she has been too kind to me.I lost plot and tried to make her regret ( so immature thinking hey!) as I gather all the evidence and make sure I am legally right to negotiate.

I was boiling inside but that energy expand in better way, now I have regal infor to her that make her realise she is doing something unkind to me. anyway I busted my emotion this way, I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t react stupidly, I’m maturing in good way!

Mental maturity saved myself, it’s not coming by you ageing, it’s from experience and practice.

Lets sit together and meditate, you can do walking meditation or any styles.

Dont say I can’t meditate or not good at... because it’s your limited belief or you are not willing to doing meditation, in that is the case it’s fine. I keep asking you to do some meditation it’s much better than stay in the black hole and not be able to ask help.

There is always someone wants to help you. Hope you get my point ... I always side tracked. Summaries this article ! Meditate for mind/mental maturing to be a cool 😎 person!


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