Cancelation policy and appropriate attire for the class(suggestion)


I just wanted to recap my cancelation policy..

*50%cancelation fee-Notified less than 12 hours in advance.You will receive a credit(remained 50%) to reschedule at a later date(within 2weeks). Or you may ask refund.

*100% Credit-Notified more than 24 hours. You will receive a credit to reschedule at later date.Or you may ask full refund.

*NO refund-NO show

This will be applied for all my services includes


*Personal training session

*Remedial massage

Will be considered

Please inform directly to MERI that If you have involved unexpected incident/event when you have scheduled with any services with Happypain.

Appropriate attire for a class

As much as I wish you to be relaxed and enjoy my classes in friendly environment, my responsibility is that I make sure all my class participant's comfort and happiness.

So please make sure a couple of thing....


1,NO holes/NO see-through(especially old leggings) as we open legs wide apart with some yoga poses and with some Pilates exercises.

2,Support your beautiful BREAST! Please wear supportive bras especially if you are attending to

HIIT yoga(high impact movement involved)

Aerial yoga(upside down involved)

*Gentleman-Please NO footy shorts(short one) as it's physically not comfortable for you also avoid unexpected/unwanted accident with reasons why that I mentioned before.

Please ask me in person if you have any questions.

I tried to make this clear with my best knowledge to ask you very formally with respect but I am sorry if I offend you.

Please have a conversations if you have any problems.

Love you


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