Don’t waste your time know your pelvic floor muscles for gain awareness in to be safe and stable.

Why Pilates is so important? Frankly I had a leaking problem after a second baby, not many fitness instructor knows about pelvic floor magic... so I declined myself to be bloody bladder problem! Yes it’s shocking and embarrassing. Sneeze cough and just bend over when your bladder is full ..... holy pee not a shit. That’s why I learnt ! Try put finders a inch inward from hip bones then hum, like ”mmmmmm”

feel a little contraction? That what we need and right contraction before start move. it’s very light or weak contraction, that’s why that muscles can stay constructing.

Then keep breathing , yeah it’s not easy...

Ill give you next step when you master this without holding your breath and not hunching shoulders.

Keep trying my friends! let’s make a good habit

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