I am back

I am back without my daughter should I feel guilty or lonely?

We live our lives, our children is not

our belongings, they are independent people. I had to acknowledge and accept to this fact few years ago and I felt so much lighter.

I wish I am living closer to my daughter but I live my life to the fullest and I will be always stand by and she knows that. This is the trust, this is the true family so I am not sad anymore.

When I left my son in Japan 6 years ago I just cried to death even that was his choice I felt guilty to leave him behind.Now my son is planning to go to Germany ...

We born have nothing in our hands only the future which we create, so I believe this is the way I die with nothing hold on. I don't feel lonely just feel right and light!

Anyway! stop being sentimental, I learnt so many good stuff and had a few realisation.

Happypain family, we are doing awesome job! I just realised that I am offering quite good classes!! And I learnt more good tricks that brings depth(not only intensity) to our practice. Very interesting ... I will break down my experience and absorb then integrate to current classes!

Keep an eye on Happypain!

9/11/20 Monday is the day!

Love you all.



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