New class time table for a festive season

I would love to subtitled, festive season is the real challenging season! I just finalised our festive season class time table. Please have a look you might like it or not... therefore I’m always open for your feedback! Im sure everyone wil be so busy for undo your fitness/ wellness journey you’ve been earned even just a 7days ... it’s not a time to do so!

Check my semi PT class there is special plan for it. I create special membership which arrow you to attend 2 semi PT a week plus 1 bonus class with 10 weeks commitment.

Additionally I can provide meal plan to who is really committed to yourself.

I will be fully supporting with Facebook group page and individually face to face. merry members please talk to me if you like to do this!

Lets let it happen, festive season is the time for challenge!

Meri is the Happtpain giver


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