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New class time table Starting 4/5


Made some changes

Please check it out and make a booking through booking site. I am controlling the class numbers for our safety and comfort, also avoid over booking and no shows.

Whats new! I added open gym session this class, you are liable during this session as you are doing your own program. ( Disclaimer form to fill ) The participants who has my program, I’ll be liable on your incidents for this session.

Monday open gym, I’m conducting Booty camp class therefore you can come and use gym, but again you are liable your own incident if you are not using my program.

Flying monkey (Bungee cord exercise)

is becoming a regular class!! Wednesday 5pm

Saturday 9:30pm

These classes is only for 5 ppl! Hurry up! Get your spot! I am asking full payment before this class as it’s only 5 spots available.

Please let me know

How I can make class table better

What do you want to see on my class time table

I am a blank canvas .

Hope to see you soon

Get excited!!!

Happy as f@ck


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