Open new chapter

Happypain is moving forward.

I Would like to officially announce that Happypain is moving into new premises in September

I am holding the final party at current venue on Sunday 30th/Aug at 4pm

to say thank you and good bye to this beautiful space. I have so much memories with this studio but when you want to open new chapter you gonna have to close chapter and leave behind. I believe I made a good decision, I will take all the memories with this space and move on. New venue is

Woree pool!! I am thinking opening party in September also opening special for new potential members. I need your help to bring your exercise buddy to give me new victim! please keep an eye on Happypain Facebook page also this blog! How special is special??

Emotional a bit but it’s a better choice, easy choice doesn’t meant to be a good choice.

Hope to see you all on Sunday 30th!

Bring your plate for share and drink please , oops and kids ! Exercise buddy !


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