Re-open “Happypain”

Hello children! I’m super excited about this day. I had been so busy for ready our re-opening since heard this bloody exciting news on Sunday night!

Patiently learning new system and put tick in the many ticks I’ve ticked but aways not enough preparation.

please be patient with me...and please talk to me if I have something missing.

I have not missed my passion for teach live classes, online is convenient but I couldn’t fee the connection as much as I feel through live class. You may feel the same...

I strive to find the best way for everyone so I will keep online class next couple of weeks also making new membership

Online and offline membership!

please let me know if it’s


Lets start together again!

Energy through my eyes and fingertip! Im shaking with excitement or low blood sugar?? Lol

Hope see you soon in person!


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