Semi private PT session

Merry member can attend to this bloody awesome class with ridiculously reasonable price now!

I take 5people( booking through WIX is must!) and I will checking on what you are doing in this class.

Gym program

*The first gym program $30 (Consultation plus 2 programs)

*Review(Every 4-6weeks) $15

All attendees need program so please book for the first consultation to make a program.

I would recommend all participants to come at least 2 sessions/week to this class to get a maximum result.

I will make your program to achieve your goal, I will make sure you do your best at the class, I will make sure your safety, I will kick your arse if you look slack! I am promising the result , you will get what you want but I need your commitment .

I won't let you slack out!

Who is in?

What would you choose if you know that only you can make a change?

Your lover

Your savage

Your coach, Meri

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