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The first Aeria yoga beginners workshop done and dusted!

Yay! We made it! Everyone is alive!

The first time for long time ... had a big gap between this time and last time as I had got lost in time moment ... but my focus is clearer! I had 9 curious monkeys on Saturday and we all had a great time together . Nothing can beat that seeing people’s smile ... this is my life time duty

I am so grateful for that realisation and your existence.

You make me happy!! Love you all!


4 people had signed up for 2weeks trial! You see new victim in the studio lol

let’s have some fun togethe


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Well done Meri looked and awesome class so miss my aerial yoga You are awesome we love you and your great monkey abilities and strength on the silks

Meri Okohira
Meri Okohira
Mar 02, 2021
Replying to

Thanks !!

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