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Untangle yourself is your choice

Happy new year for Happypain members!

whatever the reasons You are seeing this post and I’m so grateful for you and your time to read my funky English .

I would like to express my feelings about 2021.

I really can’t understand “New Years resolution “....

Why need to be in new year? What if I die tonight?

I make small intentions everyday and have time for a reflection.

I know we all are bloody busy so it’ll be difficult to do sometimes. Need only5min for me to do plus meditation. If you think meditation is hard to do, you perhaps intimidated by the name of meditation. Just sit quiet and not even close eyes..can’t stop thinking?? That’s normal!

Dont force yourself to be quiet your mind. Let your monkey mind to dance they will learn eventally.


Untangle yourself

is the course

learn “yourself”

The details are coming later but heaps of education not only physical workout to be flogged by meri.

Choice is yours and I’m here to help. I am planning to have a guest speaker to give you more useful tools to utilise in your life. “ What would you choose what if someone has better idea? Ask? Or ignore ?”

Time for reflection

Im here to listen. You.


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