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Happy Pain Classes

Choose from one of our incredible classes and feel better inside and out.

Yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga Beginners (4weeks course)

This class is designed for those who have never done yoga / aerial yoga.There is 2 words comes up when you face to unknown world, Anxiety and Excitement ....which makes you happy and brings joy to you? So which would you choose? I will be helping you to get out from your comfort zone to unleash your inner child to have more FUN!

Happypain Aerial Yoga 

When I found this class " This is what I have been searching for! " straight away!

Not only physically challenging but also mentaly, to be stable...not only serious practice this brings you joy!

Gain a harmonious relationship with your body! Become stable and let go of the instability of an unbalanced life.

Aerial Shred

This class is for the inbetweeners. It's between fitness and yoga. A fusion of suspension exercise and yoga poses.Total body workout with less gravity that means your core will be engaging while you are exercising.


Empty your mind, it's time for facing to yourself. Learn how to let go of with your breathe to create space in your mind and body. Simply simple yoga practice for all levels.


HIIT yoga is a fusion of HIIT method and yoga. Those total positions are well mixed in this class, it’s kind of a miracle! You will be keeping the yoga poses with some impact and intensity. This is a new trend of the yoga world! Of course there is a option that suits all levels!

Yin yoga 

Hold the posture up to 5min. Stillness for promoting growth, clearing energy blockage, reduce muscle/connective tissue tension and enhancing circulation.

This class you can experience real Happy-Pain in good way.

Stand Up Paddle-Board Yoga / Pilates

Stand Up Paddle-board Yoga/Pilates class empowers your Yoga and Pilates practice. It is tranquil, yet so powerful and fun! Since the platform is unstable, you have to engage your core muscles more for better balance. It also improves awareness of positioning especially when transitioning from pose to pose.


We synchronise our ujjayi (ocean breath) with the sound of the water ripples to unite with the water, while feeling the southern breeze on our cheeks and focusing on our inner balance and strength.


Remember falling is all part of the fun. When you fall, you get wet! The water will catch you gently so don’t be scared, there is a new you awaiting when you let go of the fear.


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