Aerial Yoga Studio Head Image with someone in an Aerial Yoga swing

Cairns Aerial Yoga Studio

Fly high on our yoga swings with the most fun aerial yoga classes in all of Cairns!


Whether you’re seeking to sweat through an aerial yoga group fitness class or you just want to play on some yoga swings, Happy Pain are here to help put a smile on your face and send your worries and fears flying far away.

"Having never tried “Aerial Yoga” before, my experience overall was a fulfilling and satisfying one. "

- Samantha Lam

Aerial Yoga Fitness Classes

Introduction to Aerial Yoga



45 min

If you’ve never done aerial yoga before, this is where to start. You can dip your toe in with a first session to find out how aerial yoga is for literally anyone – any age or fitness level is absolutely welcome.

We’ll teach you the basics of aerial yoga, and you’ll find out that exercise can truly be a time for play and fun too. Come along and hang out upside down with us!

Standard Happy Pain Aerial Yoga



1 hr

One of the primary tenants of yoga is that achieving harmony and peace with the world around you starts with achieving balance within your own body. With the use of yoga swings, we learn how to use our bodies to achieve stability in rather unstable conditions, which usually has a knock-on effect into achieving stability in your wider life.

Stretch and twist in ways you’ve never done before – and have a whole lot of fun while doing it! Come and swing away your worries and fears as Meri makes sure everyone leaves each aerial yoga class with a smile on their face.

Happy Pain Aerial Shred



30 min

When you’re ready to step up your aerial yoga practice, you can take this slightly more intense class. Here’s when you really start working your body as we fuse suspension exercise with yoga poses.

This is the one to take if you want a well-rounded group exercise class. The use of the aerial yoga swing means you must stabilise your body using your abs, obliques and lower-back, leveraging your own bodyweight to provide the resistance. It’s also low impact thanks to being floating in the air, meaning it’s great for those who have joint issues too!

Come grow your strength in a safe, low-risk, and, most importantly, fun way!

Aerial Yoga Relaxation Classes

Drop That Shit Cocoon Meditation



1 hr

This is for when you just need a time out to hang in the comforting embrace of a womb-like hammock. Designed to provide deep relaxation, Meri holds a safe space for you with soothing aromatherapy and music while you gently swing in the hammock and retreat into yourself.

Climb on in, let all the shit fall away, and rejoice in love for yourself just the way you are.

Aerial Yin Yoga



1 hr

While a lot of yoga practices are about enhancing the strength of the body, yin yoga is a simple practice that focuses more deeply on the inner energy flow of the body – the yin. And Aerial Yin Yoga does it all while suspended in yoga swings.

The class involves long (3-5 min), quiet, poses designed to stretch your body out slowly, working deep into your muscles and mind. It is a meditative practice and we set the environment for full relaxation with calming essential oils and soothing music.

Finding Your Inner Child Workshop



75 min

If you feel like you’d like to try out aerial yoga, but an actual yoga class seems a little too intimidating, come along to this workshop. This is an interactive experience, where Meri guides you through learning to play with the aerial yoga swings and helps you revive your most child-like tendencies.

No tricky yoga poses, no intense balance work. It’s all just about building up your confidence to just have fun for the sake of it. There are no expectations and no requirements – find that inner child and set them free!