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About Remedial Massage and Dry Needling


One of the super skills that Meri has acquired has been to learn deep tissue remedial massage and dry needling. While we do offer a relaxation massage, the sports massage is all about putting the pain in Happy Pain!


Sports and intense exercise generally can create tension in your body that stacks up. The pain you experience during a remedial massage is required to release that tension, returning your body to normal functions.


The worst part is that most people have learned how to actively ignore what their body is telling them. All that tension is building up and you don’t even notice it’s there – at least not until Meri’s hands and needles get in there and drags it out.

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a treatment that involves inserting thin needles into your trigger points or where your muscles are tightest. This stimulates the healing of tissues to help your muscles function normally.

How does Dry Needling work?

Frankly, it feels a bit like magic. Needles get stuck into your body and suddenly you feel better!


There is actually some amount of science involved though. The needling deliberately creates a lesion that triggers physiological mechanisms to remodel your injured and inflamed soft tissue. Think of it like putting a flame near the sprinklers in that part of your body so that they turn on and put out all the fires in that area.


The reason it’s so effective is that we’re not introducing something external – it’s just getting your body to do it’s natural thing to heal itself. A part of this is also inhibiting the pain signals being sent to your spinal cord and brain so that you not only start healing, but also get relief from the pain.


This is a process that is strongly supported in Western medicine and is starting get funding for use in public hospitals.


Does Dry Needling Hurt?

Generally, you will only feel a slight prickle from the needles. You may find that you experience a localised twitch response or slight contraction of your muscles that could result in a brief amount of pain. Some clients have described this like the pain you might feel when getting a small electric shock or a cramp. This response is a good thing and indicates it’s working.


During most of the treatment you are likely to feel heaviness in your limbs or else a pleasant, relaxing feeling.

How do you feel after Dry Needling?

After a dry needling treatment, you may experience some soreness after 24-48 hours as your body heals itself. This doesn’t always happen, but it is perfectly normal if it does. It can feel like a hard workout at the gym. Heat or ice can be used to soothe any soreness and drinking plenty of fluids will help.


You may also experience some bruising from Dry Needling depending on how easily you bruise and what part of the body is being treated. While large bruising is not common, it can happen.


It is common to feel tired, fatigued, energised, emotional, giggly or ‘out of it’ after treatment for an hour or two.


If you are worried at all about any reactions afterwards, just give us a ring and we’ll be happy to talk you through how to make yourself comfortable.

What should I avoid after Dry Needling?

As a precaution, you should make sure you avoid any strenuous activity to the muscles that have been treated. Especially avoid any new sports or activities and avoid doing any more exercise than you would normally do.

Where can I book Dry Needling in Cairns?

We can help you with either dry needling or even just a sports remedial massage right here at the Happy Pain studio. Give us a call to discuss your body’s current issues and we can make you an appointment: 0419724496

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