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WHAT! HAPPYPAIN is closing the door??

Am I done?? NOOOO

Just a break, long break.

My holiday is starting


I am willing to move the studio to a more spacy and visible area next year, Please let me know if you have any ideas!

While I am away....

I make Facebook group for online classes, if you are already a member of Happypain, it's FREE!

If you are not a member but willing to join the tribe


Unlimited class access( There are always recording classes), I will try to upload the exercise every day wherever I am.

Set up direct debit every week then you are in.

I conduct classes on

1.Facebook live

2.ZOOM with plenty of notice

Try not to use any equipment but yes minimum pieces of eq

uipment are handy.

If you would like to hire the equipment please message me (I need a security deposit but no hire fee)

The equipment which I use are

  1. Bum band

  2. Theraband

  3. Trigger point ball(Tennis ball)

  4. Skipping rope ( I don't have any so you have to organize)

  5. Socks/Plastic bag

  6. And Body!

If you wish to hire


2.Boundy ball

3.Yoga props (Block, Bolster, Strap)


5.Pilates circle

Please let me know.

I am excited!

Supporting your journey is my mission.

Let's keep rolling with momentum until I come back.

Prof yourself that you are keen bean and actually doing it!

Thanks for your ongoing support that means a lot.

I am very grateful for you and cherish you forever.

Your existence anchored me when I wanted to walk away.

Your kind words warmed me up when my heart was chilled with fear.

The people surround me do understand my passion and determination therefore, oops !! you have been supporting me!


Let's keep going this way!

To be merry by meri.

Love you all .

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1 Comment

Lisa Lydia
Lisa Lydia
Nov 24, 2022

Have a great well deserved break Meri! 💕

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