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Relaxation Studio

Everything in life is about balance. Working out is great for keeping your body and mind in shape, but equally important is taking the time to soften, massage, and relax.

"Meri has a thorough understanding of how the body works."

Relaxation Classes

Big Stretch Class



1 hr

After a long hard week, get your body all stretched out to release the tension you didn’t even realise you were holding. Our Cairns stretching classes will teach you some self-massage techniques that will allow you to work out those specific aches and pains your body builds up.

Think of this like your personal weekly tune-up for your body!

Drop That Shit Cocoon Meditation



1 hr

Our popular Cairns meditation class is for when you just need a time out to hang in the comforting embrace of a womb-like hammock. Designed to provide deep relaxation, Meri holds a safe space for you with soothing aromatherapy and music while you gently swing in the hammock and retreat into yourself.

Climb on in, let all the shit fall away, and rejoice in love for yourself just the way you are.

Aerial Yin Yoga



1 hr

While a lot of Cairns yoga practices are about enhancing the strength of the body, yin yoga is a simple practice that focuses more deeply on the inner energy flow of the body – the yin. And Aerial Yin Yoga does it all while suspended in yoga swings.

The Cairns yoga class involves long (3-5 min), quiet, poses designed to stretch your body out slowly, working deep into your muscles and mind. It is a meditative practice and we set the environment for full relaxation with calming essential oils and soothing music.

Massage & Modalities

Relaxation Massage


1 hr

Whether it’s from a stressful job or from struggles in your personal life, we all end up carrying aches and pains in all sorts of corners of our bodies. Sometimes the best way to keep yourself moving is to just stop for a moment.

With use of specific essential oils, Meri will tailor a massage session to the spots that your body most needs attention. Lay down, relax, unwind and let your body melt away so that you can get back up to fight another day.

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