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Cut off time for the classes

To be honest with you, this booking system which I am using with reasons😊

  1. Make sure I’m ready for you to have a good class

  2. I would like to know if I can stay home for study or chilax with wine

  3. I need to control the attendance according to covid regulations

so PLEASE make sure use this system to let me know if you are coming or not coming.

I will close the booking

30min. before scheduled time!! if no one has booked for that class.

You can pay me



Bank transfer

Use class pass

You are member

I don’t mind! I would like to avoid the accident which is

NO SHOW I don’t want to disappoint you so please make a booking.

Xmas party is coming at Happypain soon! Summer body challenge he is coming soon !

Merry meri Xmas in just right on the corner , it’s act very scary ..


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