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Have you tangled?

Let's untangle your old habit to be a new you!

Yes yes YAAAS!

I did this journey 3 years ago and I revived this with more and better contents to offer.

If you have been wondering why

*I can't stick with own decision

*I am busy

*Something always comes up

to stop you(you think) this is for you.

This journey will be changing your old/not so good habit to new/better!

We will break down your goal to small chunk then re-build to with uses of untangle technique.

Wow thats new, never heard of it!!

I just named it so no one knows lol

If you are curious about this journey, if you are curious about how much we can create things differently please contact me.

This is not only for

*Lose weight

*Get fitter

*Good booty

*Nice shoulders

*Good pelvic floor

*Strong mindset

MORE than them.

And please contact me if you are ready for CHANGE.

Hope to hear from you.

Be merry with MERI

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