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It’s time to be happy

I started Facebook live that talking about how to be happy in all Japanese

This live is a challenge for myself

if I can keep provide good tips to be happy to people. I don’t mind if no one watches and if I am talking shit. my contents are coming from my experience also my learning from life coach.

I decided to do this just because Japanese mentally is different to how I learnt from Australians. There is always good and bad, I want to mix up all good thingy (learnt this word from my kids) and contribute to Japanese especially women to help them to shine! We can be the heroine and stand in the Center stage doesn’t need anyone’s permission to do it, you decide . And you can be whoever you want to be. choice is yours ! This is the best thing I ever learnt in Australia last 28years, so I wanted to share. However I am still learning and I love learning from you , yes YOU!

Thanks so much for your contribution, you are my hero!

Love you! But I also love me.


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