SUP yoga/fitness beginners workshop??

I have been thinking ... what if I can provide the class for who has

1,I have a fear about "can't get back on the board after fall"

2,I have no knees(injured)

3,I have no shoulders(injured)

4,I have no core....( yes you have)

I am asking to the pool manager to hire the indoor pool for have this workshop. This class is for someone who has those limited belief also physical limitation(s).

Majority of this class's purpose, we are most likely staying on the board (not standing) therefore I prefer hold this class in under cover pool to keep you warm.

Who is interested?

Who would you invite to this class?

Let's make it happen for find your inner child, hidden core muscles, forgotten ability to create physical freedom for more joy and happiness.


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Finally Made some changes Please check it out and make a booking through booking site. I am controlling the class numbers for our safety and comfort, also avoid over booking and no shows. Whats new!