What’s HIIT yoga?

High Intensity Interval Training it is.

Why HIIT yoga over a normal yoga? I would say if you are

Busy for everything

I love yoga but I wanna try HIIT / Fitness class

I love fitness but I wanna try yoga

I wanna burn calories quick as possible and lot!! I wanna be fitter !

HIIT yoga is for you! Each lesson plan has a unique theme, Japanese theme, Footy, Abs, Functional, Animal and so on!! Uses yoga poses no sequences, simple therefore effective as no mucking around! Have a look at white board, this lesson plan was tough more than I thought ... I made this for core and legs as those muscles are big that means burn more calories! I kind of use my brain to make lesson plan for make them effective , enjoyable and feel dead after class but more-ish!

Cone and try , be addicted! HIIT yoga

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6am your investment is $15 for 30min!

Hope to see you in person! 10 weeks reverse engineering weight loss is still open for who is willing to change their life.

Invest on yourself is not a bad things, who is stopping to do that??

Is that YOU?

Talk to me, love you. Meri

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