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Happy Pain Classes

Select a class type to learn more about what classes we offer.

Yoga Classes

Happypain Aerial Yoga - Beginners course(4 weeks)

This class is designed for those who have never done yoga / aerial yoga. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone in our 4 week course, designed to help you learn the basics of aerial yoga.

Happypain Aerial Yoga

Yoga practice with less gravity create in-stability for challenge for the balance. Use hammock as a prop or create more challenge, it is your choice. Stretch your spine when hang upside down is the most divine moment... a little acrobatic poses are just for a fun!

Happypain Aerial Shred  

This class is designed for those who are willing to do more strength exercises. It is a suspension exercise that mimics the TRX exercise. We accommodate all joint stabilizers and core muscles in this class! Yes, two birds with one stone it is!

Happypain Aerial yoga Introductory 

This class is designed for those who have never done yoga or/and practice yoga with a hammock before.

We take plenty of time to learn the wrapping system, core engagement, yoga poses with modifications.

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